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Contact Wendy Scozzaro at

Phone Number

+44 (0)20 7242 5066



FELIX DE WOLFE is one of the longest established independent entertainment and literary agencies in the United Kingdom. Over the past sixty plus years, the agency has, and continues to look after some of the country’s most talented performers, writers and directors, whose works encompass a wide spectrum of the arts.
The agency prides itself on the quality of its client base and continues to be one of the frontrunners in the entertainment business today.

Our exclusive client base includes actors, actresses, presenters, directors and composers, as well as authors and writers for film, television, stage and radio.

Felix de Wolfe is a member of the PMA (Personal Managers Association); the late Felix de Wolfe himself was the Chair of the organisation for many years.


Contact Sue Terry at


Phone Number

+44 (0)20 7434 2040



SUE TERRY VOICES are a voice over agency devoted to talented, highly credited actors and occasionally, presenters only.


We record with, and know all our artists personally so we know what they are capable of in a studio and who they work well with. Therefore if you’d like our advice on something specific or unusual, don’t hesitate to ask.

If you want more information about Martin McDougall, then follow this link to Spotlight or watch Martin McDougall’s Demo Reel on IMDb.

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