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Martin McDougall is an American actor, voice over artist and musician/engineer. Born in Edinburgh to a Scottish father and American mother, Martin grew up in New Jersey. He studied theatre and Art History at the College of Wooster in Ohio then spent two years studying acting at the Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art in London.

In a career spanning twenty-eight years, Martin has worked extensively in theatre, film and television, working with many prominent film directors including: Steven Spielberg – “Saving Private Ryan”, Paul Greengrass – “Green Zone”, Luc Besson – “The Fifth Element”, Christopher Nolan – “Batman Begins”, Fernando Meirelles – “360” and Roger Michell – “Hyde Park On Hudson”. His recent TV credits include, “The Honourable Woman”and “Utopia”. Martin’s worked at The National Theatre in “Death of A Salesman”, The Royal Court in “Aunt Dan and Lemon” and Hampstead Theatre in “Labyrinth”. Martin lives in London with his circus performer wife Desiree Kongerød and their son Aksel.


His past theatre credits include Labyrinth (Hampstead Theatre), Aunt Dan and Lemon (Royal Court Theatre), Change: The Upcoming War with Iran (IMC), Death of a Salesman (National), Danny Bouncing (Derby Playhouse), Watching the Sand from the Sea (Derby Playhouse), and Burning Blue (Royal Haymarket).

Martin’s television credits include 24, Utopia, The Honourable Woman, 2012, Episodes, Girl in the Café, Space Odyssey, Submerged, and Cambridge Spies.

His film credits Edge Of Tomorrow, Take Down, 360, Hyde Park On Hudson, The Green Zone, Batman Begins, Judge Dreddand Saving Private Ryan.

If you want more information about Martin McDougall, then follow this link to Spotlight or watch Martin McDougall’s Demo Reel on IMDb.

2014, Television, Lead Agent, 24, 20th Century Fox, Jon Cassar


2014, Television, The Plumber, UTOPIA, Kudos, Sam Donovan


2013, Television, General Berkoff, THE HONOURABLE WOMAN, BBC, Hugo Blick


2012, Television, Phillip Lenard, DARK MATTERS, Wide Eyed Entertainment, James Tovell


2012, Television, Captain Savitiski, THE MAN WHO STOPPED WORLD WAR 3, Bedlam Productions, Nicholas Green


2012, Television, Scott Coldwell, TWENTY TWELVE, BBC, John Morton


2010, Television, ANY HUMAN HEART, Carnival, Michael Samuels


2010, Television, Ry Steigler, DOCTORS, BBC, Brett Fallis


2010, Television, Assistant director, EPISODES, BBC, James Griffiths


2010, Television, Assistant Director, EPISODES, Hat Trick


2009, Television, Bruce, I SHOULDN’T BE ALIVE, Darlow Smithson, Tim Conrad


2007, Television, William Connors, KINGDOM, Parallel Film and Television Productions Ltd.


2007, Television, Russian Agent, SPOOKS, BBC Television


2007, Television, Bobo Payne, TRUE HEROES, Darlow Smithson, Steve Clarke


2007, Television, Tom Crosson, TRUE HEROES, Darlow Smithson, Richard Max


2006, Television, Steven, ALIVE, Discovery


2006, Television, Interrogator, ROAD TO GUANTANAMO, Channel 4, Michael Winterbottom


2005, Television, Petron Alvarez, BROKEN NEWS, BBC Television, Oliver Parsons


2005, Television, Ambassador Harris, GIRL IN THE CAFE, David Yates


2005, Television, Donovan, INSIDE THE MIND OF ADOLPH HITLER, BBC Television, Dave Stewart


2005, Television, McMullin, ULTIMATE FORCE, ITV


2004, Television, Curtis LeMay, HIROSHIMA, BBC Television


2003, Television, CAMBRIDGE SPIES, BBC Television, Tim Fywell


2003, Television, SPACE ODESSY, BBC Television, Joe Ahearne


2002, Television, Yorda, CHILDREN OF DUNE, New Amsterdam, Greg Yaintanes


2001, Television, Griggs, SUBMERGED, HBO, James Keach


2000, Television, Delivery Man, DARK REALM, Frightmares Productions


1998, Television, Rod Steiger, BLONDE BOMBSHELL, London Weekend Television, Bob Bierman


1998, Television, Liam O’Rourke, HIGHLANDER


1997, Television, Maddox, TRUE TILDA, BBC Television, Ross Devenish


1995, Television, Howard, BLACK TUESDAY, BBC Television, Paul Seed


1992, Television, Leopold, NEVER THE SINNER, Mentorn Films, Paul Annett


2014, Feature Film, General Uno, EDGE OF TOMORROW, Warner Bros, Doug Liman


2014, Film, Drew Thornton, TAKE DOWN, Pinewood Films, Jim Gillespie


2011, Feature Film, Chief Randolf, 360, Revolution Films, Fernando Meirelles


2011, Feature Film, Tommy Qualters, HYDE PARK ON HUDSON, Focus Films, Roger Michell


2010, Feature Film, Aide Brown, THE GREEN ZONE, Working Title, Paul Greengrass


2008, Feature Film, Col Rossman, THE HESSEN AFFAIR, Corsan, Paul Bruels


2006, Feature Film, Doctor Adams, PENELOPE, Momentum Pictures, Mark Palansky


2006, Film, Priest, OMEN, Warner Bros, John Moore


2005, Film, Producer, ALIEN AUTOPSY, Jonny Campbell


2005, Film, Carlton, ZOMBIES, Nu Image, J S Cardone


2004, Feature Film, Docks, BATMAN BEGINS, Warner Bros, Chris Nolan


2004, Feature Film, Evans, OCTOPUS, Tony Hickok


2003, Film, Victor Shapiro, A FEVER IN THE BLOOD, Andrew Pulver


2002, Feature Film, Evangelist, OCTANE, Marcus Allen


2000, Feature Film, Junior, THE MAN OUTSIDE, Tony Hicock


1999, Feature Film, Sonar Mike, OCTOPUS, Marten Holding AVV, John Eyres


1998, Feature Film, Sullivan, NEW WORLD DISORDER, Carousel, Richard Spence


1997, Feature Film, Casey, SAVING PRIVATE RYAN, Amblin, Steven Spielberg


1994, Feature Film, Twist, JUDGE DREDD, Wondervale Ltd, Danny Cannon


Feature Film, Yutani, DEATH MACHINE, Fugitive Films, Steve Norrington


2016, Stage, Howard Richmond, Labyrinth, Hampstead Theatre, Anna Ledwich


2016, Stage, George Tenet, STUFF HAPPENS, Royal National Theatre, David Hare


2015, Opera, Egon, SWEPT AWAY, Continuum Ensemble, Philip Headlam and Annabel Arden


2009, Stage, Andy, AUNT DAN AND LEMON, Royal Court Theatre, Dominic Cooke


2007, Stage, George Bush, CHANGE: THE UPCOMING WAR WITH IRAN, IMC, Gordon Carver


2002, Stage, Danny, BOUNCING, Derby, Mark Clements


2001, Stage, Fredly, DANNY BOUNCING, Derby Playhouse, Mark Clements


1999, Stage, Bobby, WATCHING THE SAND FROM THE SEA, Derby Playhouse Theatre, Mark Clements


1997, Stage, Bernard, DEATH OF A SALESMAN, Royal National Theatre, David Thacker


1995, Stage, Boner, BURNING BLUE, Robert Fox, John Hickok


2016, Commercial, astronaut, AUDIBLE – ALIEN:OUT OF THE SHADOW, fold7, glenn Paton


2015, Commercial, CEO, AT HOME, Centraal Baheer, Arjan Oosterveer


2015, Commercial, CEO, WELCOME, Centraal Baheer, Arjan Oosterveer


Accents & Dialects:
(* = native)
American-Midwest, American-New York*, American-Southern States*, American-Standard*, American-Western States, Russian
Music & Dance:
(* = highly skilled)
Performance: Physical Theatre, Voice Over*
(* = highly skilled)
Yoga*, Wing T’sun
Vehicle Licences: Car Driving Licence

2yr dip Webber Douglas

BA Theatre College of Wooster

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