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★★★★ ‘Wildly entertaining…assured work from Martin McDougall’ The Telegraph

★★★★ ‘Full of fire-in-the-blood swagger…..Martin McDougall, on fantastic form’ The Times

★★★ ‘….robust support comes from Martin McDougall as his hard-bitten boss’ The Evening Standard

★★★★ ‘A great night out’ Daily Mail

★★★★ ‘Exhilarating… Racily exciting’ The Guardian

Martin McDougall plays Howard in Beth Steel‘s new thriller “Labyrinth”. The play is directed by Anna Ledwich and is at the moment playing at Hampstead Theatre. The play will run from the 1st of September to the 8th of October 2016.

Photo credit: Manuel Harlan/Hampstead Theatre


1978, New York. John Anderson is barely out of college and has landed himself a job on Wall Street. His dreams of unimaginable wealth, travel and power are made a reality as he jets around the globe selling loans to developing countries eager to borrow. And there are plenty – Mexico, Brazil, Argentina…


But cracks in the banks’ excessive lending strategy soon start to show. Despite the warning signs – and their consciences – John and his colleagues continue to pursue their targets, threatening to leave them all financially, and morally, bankrupt.


Beth Steel’s compelling new thriller explores the fallout of one of the most catastrophic economic crises of modern history, which brought Latin America to its knees for decades. Winner of The Evening Standard’s Most Promising Playwright award, Beth returns to Hampstead following the critically acclaimed Wonderland.


Anna Ledwich makes her Main Stage debut following Donny’s Brain, The Argument and the Olivier Award nominated Four Minutes Twelve Seconds Downstairs.

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Photo credit: Manuel Harlan/Hampstead Theatre


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★★★★ There’s a great vroom vroom to this play, an energy that lifts it out of the ordinary.’

”This fizzling play written by the ultra-talented Beth Steel is set in New York but its core feels more Middle America. Perhaps that is because the head of the Bank, as it is called, is Howard Richman, a Warren Buffett type of homespun figure who wears cowboy boots and constantly plays with a red yo-yo in a rather aggressive fashion. (Yo Yo, is that a better title?) The year is 1978 and sitting in front of Howard (Martin McDougall, on fantastic form) is naive young man named John (Sean Delaney) in an ill-fitting suit, who didn’t go to Harvard but who has the hunger.” – The Times

Photo credit: Elliott Frank


★★★★ Labyrinth is Latin America’s wildly entertaining answer to Wall street.’

”The cast make the Mamet-like most of the zinging script, with assured work from Martin McDougall as the yo-yo spinning, boots-on-table bank exec, Elena Saurel as a canny economics journalist and a trio of Latin American government honchos played by one actor (Joseph Balderrama). As the action zips between Mexico, Brazil and Argentina, director Anna Ledwich moves everything along at the pace of the Nasdaq data-feed.” – Telegraph


★★★★ Labyrinth review – exhilarating financial drama is best since Enron


★★★★Seventies bankers are back with a vengeance in Labyrinth

Matt Damon lookalike Sean Delaney, who plays John, is an impressive young actor, allowing other characters — from Martin McDougall’s yoyo-spinning Texan bank president to Joseph Balderrama’s box set of Latin American leaders — to whirl around him. -Daily Mail


To see Martin McDougall in the Labyrinth, book tickets at Hampstead Theatre. The play will run from the 1st of September to the 8th of October 2016.

Click here for more information and tickets-

Don’t miss it, the tickets are selling fast.

Martin McDougall as Howard and Sean Delaney as John directed by Anna Ledwich in Beth Steel’s Labyrinth at Hampstead Theatre


Anna Gorbachyova Wonderful play brilliantly executed! Martin McDougall’s acting is a treat and a master- class. Bravo, Martin!


Diane Hinds
Stunning, edge of your seat play with strong performances, great use of set and themes still relevant today. Makes you think!


Rosalyn Griffith@RosYogaRos Sep 1:

@Hamps_Theatre @Sean__Delaney Brilliant Performances #HTLabyrinth Extraordinary. Creative. Go see it !



Claire Dikecoglu@claireyfairy1 Sep 1:

At the first preview of #HTLabyrinth @Hamps_Theatre tonight. Really liking the central performances and looking forward to where this going.


Gemma McMeel@gemmamcmeel Sep 1:

Really enjoyed #HTLabyrinth first preview tonight. #hampsteadtheatre #wallstreet #moneypowergreed


Debbie@Deborah_Deborah Sep 3:

I’m not used to having to *think* on a Saturday night! So well done, #HTLabyrinth, for getting my brain working.


nikki@nikkiiia 2h:

“The banks make the world go round”  #HTLabyrinth @Hamps_Theatre

really compelling piece! 8/10


Sarah Butcher@sarahjenniferj Sep 4:

 @SteelBeth #HTLabyrinth is brilliantly unsettling and brought to life with big imagination by @baronessledwich@Hamps_Theatre > 8th Oct


Mind the Blog@Mind_the_Blog Sep 3:

#HTLabyrinth Wow. Thought-provoking drama; sharp & slick. Somehow funny too! Definitely get to @Hamps_Theatre for this one.

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